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Terms and Conditions

Shop Policies and Details: 

When you are checking out and submitting the orders, by clicking the " I agree to the shop's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy" , you agree our whole terms of use and policies. 
Our shop will obey Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law and other related laws to protect your personal information.
When you use our website provided by SHOPLINE, we reached our concensus for our policies. 

Order related policies
  1. We reserve the right of accepting or declining the orders.  When encountering accidents or natural disasters that causes not being able to accept/ship your orders, we will use phone calls, emails or messages to inform you. You may modify your order or ask for a refund. If we cause your inconvenience, we sincerely apologise. 
  2. When ordering multiple products, please checkout in 1 order. If you have separate orders, please pay respectively on our website. We can NOT combine 2 or more orders and pay all together at once.  
  3. If you fill out the wrong shipping/contact information that causes delay, please be patient and wait for the orders to be shipped. (Also if encountering natural disasters, products out of stock might cause delay.) 
  4. After we ship the order, then the customers realised they gave the wrong info that causes any return products, please pay for the shipping fee again so that we can ship your order once again.
  5. The delivery time is not certain, it's all estimate. The actual delivery time depends on the routes of the local drivers/deliverers. Please understand that we can NOT promise you the exact time of delivery. If it's a gift shipped to others or the receiver may be out of the town, you may have to take the risks.

Data Collection and Usages:  
  1. Our website is powered and maintained by SHOPLINE, when you shop on our website, we will use functions provided by SHOPLINE, and collect your personal information as you fill out the shipping informations.  We will only use the data or marketing, shipping purposes, and also to provide you a better service. The data we collect will help us to create a better shopping experience for you.
  2. Our website will only provide neccessary information to logistic companies for delivery service. Including phone numbers, your name and your shipping address and other order information. 

Data Reveal: 
  1.  Our shops will cooperate with judiciary systems and other (local) authorities investigation if you break any laws of Taiwan or buyer&seller contract. We will NOT reveal or sell any of your information to unrelated personnels. 

Security and Privacy Policy: 
  1. Our shops remain the right to modify the rules and policies when necessary. If there are any major changes, we will put a notice on our website to inform our customers.