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Shipping Notice(Chiayi)

  • Free shipping purchasing more than $1500 NTD. (Up to 5 km, the distance on Google map) Special promoted products are not included. 


  • After purchasing more than $1500 NTD, every $300 NTD can get you 1 more km farther. 
    EX: $1800 NTD = 6 km free delivery, $2100 NTD=7km free delivery, and so on.
  • If the estimate distance is farther than free shipping area then  we charge extra 50 NTD every 2 km. 
    EX: Purchasing $1500 NTD, the estimate distance is 6.5 km, then we charge extra $50 NTD shipping fee. 

  • If there's no lift in the shipping address, we only delivery the products to the first floor. 
  • If there's no lift, but the products need to be delivered to upstairs, we charge extra $5 NTD of the moving fee every floor. (In this matter, a case of bottled water)
    EX: Buying 10 cases of bottled water and need to be delivered to the 2nd floor.

    10(water)*$5 (moving fee)=$50 NTD total.(Fee changes depends on the product.)
  • This policy is only for CHIAYI city. Other cities, please use shipping company or pick up at 7-11/Family mart.
  • Kind reminder: We can only unload the products once. Meaning each purchase can only be shipped to 1 address. 


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Other area (Taiwan main island)

We are cooperating with HCT logistics

We charge $90 of shipping fee if purchasing less than $1500.

For picking products up at convenient stores,

you may choose Family Mart or 7-11

(Kind Reminder: If the size of the products are yoo big,

we cannot ship from Family Mart nor 7-11)

We charge $63 of shipping fee if purchasing less than $1500.


After we ship the products,

you should expect receiving them

in 1-3 days depending on the

route of the logistics company schedules. 

If we have the stocks,

we ship the products in 1-2 days.