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Before contacting us, you may check out these common questions below

and see if your questions are solved!

Q: I want to shop at physical stores,

can I have the address and the contact info of the store that is near me?

Ans: For our physical locations, please check out "About us",

we have stores in Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan and Kaohsiung!


Q: Why should I join the official Line of Big Nine Nine or become a member?

Ans: Great question! Be our official Line friend/member can...

A) Get you some sale info

B) Ask us any questions you have about the orders

C) Special gifts from us (members only!!)


Q: What to do if I forget my password? :(

Ans: No worries! Just get into the log in page, 

and click forget password. 

You will receive an automatic email from us. 

Just follow the steps on email to reset your password. 


Q:  How to use coupons?

A: Purchasing more than $500 NTD, you may use the coupons freely.

However, you may only use the coupons up to 5% the most on each order.